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Braunsberger Media

Braunsberger Media

The Global Leading Squarespace Design Agency

Skagen, North Denmark Region, Denmark



Unique Squarespace Websites

Braunsberger Media is a global leader certified Squarespace Experts agency with only five-star ratings from a worldwide clientele. Lead designer Armin Braunsberger is one of the most prolific experts in the official Squarespace Marketplace, having completed hundreds of verified projects.

SEO Services for Squarespace

It's the art of being discovered, the science of staying relevant, and the heartbeat of sustainable online success. Based on 1000+ website projects, our agency developed a unique skill set and deep understanding of necessary setups, trends, and substantial ingredients for high-performing SMB websites.

Comprehensive Digital Design Services

Our creative services are rooted in digital design. Since 2011, we worked with major brands (like VW, Red Bull, and Audi) and countless small and medium-sized companies around the globe. Branding, interface UX, and campaign development are just a glimpse of our digital toolbox.

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