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Brown Bag Marketing

Brown Bag Marketing

We have the heart and hustle to drive results.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States



Brown Bag Marketing (Brown Bag) is a full-service, Atlanta-based marketing agency with extensive brand, content and digital marketing capabilities. Privately owned, we opened our doors in 2002 and have grown steadily ever since. Our team of 48 full-time employees is a diverse blend of creative minds that includes well-seasoned strategic account managers, interactive geniuses, and award-winning designers and writers, all working together in a truly collaborative spirit to create profitable results for our clients.


At Brown Bag, we take pride in getting to know your business. As the name suggests, we’re a sensible, reliable, no-nonsense agency that gets to the heart of the matter by listening, understanding, and responding to your needs. We combine future-focused strategy with expert execution across traditional, digital, and social channels. We pair mad skills with killer creative to implement innovative solutions to help you drive growth and convert leads. We have content, design and development -- all under one roof. Come on. We're ready.

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Brown Bag marketing worked with Alert Enterprise, a leader in cyber-physical security, to give their brand a new look and feel, complete with marketing strategies—like promotional videos and live event social coverage—that amplified brand awareness.


Focused on the dual objectives of maintaining competitiveness within their industry while appealing to a more people-centric demographic, Brown Bag successfully crafted a visually striking brand identity.


The result is a visually striking brand identity that not only positions Alert Enterprise as a contemporary player in their field but also establishes a connection with their evolving target personas, emphasizing a people-focused approach in their communication and branding strategy.


Dassian, a fully integrated, end-to-end solutions provider for highly regulated and project-centric businesses, had all the makings of success: niche market, reputable offering and the right team. But they lacked a strong social presence, a streamlined website, ]and consistent branding.


Brown Bag helped build a strong social presence, a streamlined website, consistent branding, and animated videos that made their solutions come to life. Because with so much buzz in their industry, they simply couldn’t afford not to stand out!


For social alone, Dassian has seen a 10% increase in followers, a 54% increase in average engagement and a 6,373% increase in impressions!

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Krystal A
Oct 4, 2022

Brown Bag did a wonderful job of coming to a virtual class to teach us about what they do. I as a student was able to understand more about marketing and what the company does itself. Having many positions talk about what they do and truly show a passion was beyond outstanding. The communication between one another during the call showed how a true company should interact with one another. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to teach us!

Ira Lawrence
Sep 16, 2021

Brown Bag did an excellent job with our social media fundraising campaign. Hollie was very genuine and informative, even going the extra mile to explain how to manage ad campaigns and keep the momentum going after working with them. The owners of the company were also generous enough to provide a donation of their own. I feel blessed to have found Brown Bag Marketing for our marketing needs!

Akil Khimji
Oct 4, 2022

The information I gained from Brown Bag marketing team was very helpful and I feel like I can apply this in near future. They made it convent for me to attend this valuable session by offering it on zoom through my school Cobb Online Learning Academy. Thank you for your time that you invested so that it allowed me to achieve the knowledge. Time well spent!

jeremy west
Sep 30, 2021

Brown Bag Marketing provided my organization a holistic full-service marketing strategy. We utilized several services including redesigning our website, campaign management, and SEO to drive significant and measurable increases in conversions and sales. Everyone was professional and a joy to work with. I highly recommend.

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