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Digital Magnet Group

Digital Magnet Group

Building campaigns that drive your business

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Our team has over 25 years' experience helping local, regional, and national businesses distance themselves from the competition.

Our focus is on the work we need to accomplish to meet our client's goals. Every project we do, every campaign we develop is built on a foundation and strategy towards success. With each campaign, we strive to tell the story of our clients utilizing copy design that is creative, original, and drives emotion. Our goal is to create a lasting impression that is powerful and resonates.

Digital Magnet begins with the needs and goals of every client. We strategize and develop the paths to achieve those goals. By understanding your current marketing plan, your competition, and a comprehensive understanding of your business, we can explore marketing options that will meet your needs. Our strategy will include recommendations, activities, platforms, channels, and projects that are in sync with your budget and timelines.

Creating the link between messaging and engagement is key to any business. We bring our experience and insight to work with media partners, digital platforms, and marketing outlets, with the goal of delivering a high return on investment. Whether the goal of your marketing campaign is brand awareness or lead focused, Digital Magnet will partner with your business as if it was an extension of our own.

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