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Freelance Digital Marketing Expert / PPC & SEO+

Leeds, England, United Kingdom



Over the years I have worked many specialist roles – Paid Search, SEO, Account Management, Web Management & Creative. My passion for digital marketing led me to pursue a specialist understanding within dedicated roles – with the ultimate goal of acquiring a comprehensive view of the field. Today I maintain a comprehensive knowledge of Digital Marketing, with expert hands on capability. The world needs generalists & out and out specialists. And those in-between.

Where the need requires it, I work with other freelancers, specialists and agencies I trust in order to deliver campaigns for clients. For the most part, I love to have complete direct hands-on control over the creative, the build and the Digital marketing strategy.

I work with clients across a broad range of sectors and I have founded & sold multiple businesses across various sectors (including insurance, health & wellbeing, co-working). I own and founded Skär Organics, the UK's first & only certified organic candle company.

My love of marketing & developing businesses means that I delight in the tension of working with a broad range of clients, whilst developing my own personal businesses projects. This helps me to intimately appreciate & understand client's concerns about their marketing budget & strategy.

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