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Front Row

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Minnesota, United States

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We have spent decades in our client’s shoes. Building in-house internet efforts, working with agencies and consultants, and achieving business goals. All of that experience gave us the insight that there is a better way to run an interactive agency, a way to provide true breakthrough results at rates that you don’t have to be a Fortune 500 to afford. When it comes to our clients we take tremendous pride in their successes and in being their outsourced eMarketing partners, their “idea guys”, web support group, and the implementers and achievers of their online business strategies and goals.

Putting together a winning online business strategy (and making it work) is not so much an art as it is a craft and a science. Our committed and experienced team has the knowledge and tools to help you grow. With a strong mix of online and traditional business experience, eMarketing expertise, and skills, Front Row brings a custom approach to our clients’ internet marketing needs. Our combined 50 years of internet marketing experience is your passport to more traffic, better conversion rates, and increased ROI for you and your organization.

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This client faced the challenge of optimizing their Shopify store comprehensively. They sought Front Row's expertise to overcome complexities in data migration, menu redesign, SEO compliance, and integrating third-party tools for enhanced functionality and user experience.


Front Row managed end-to-end Shopify store development for this client. From GitHub setup to data migration, store configuration, mega menu redesign, SEO compliance, and third-party integrations, we ensured a seamless and feature-rich online platform.


Front Row's solutions transformed the clients Shopify store into a seamless, feature-rich platform. Enhanced data management, redesigned menus, improved SEO compliance, and integrated third-party tools resulted in an optimized user experience and increased efficiency.


This client reached out to Front Row for an ecommerce migration to Shopify due to challenges such as slow site speed, abandoned cart issues, and the absence of integrations with Klaviyo. These obstacles were hindering their ability to achieve the omni-channel digital marketing they aimed for.


We analyzed the existing Magento platform data and planned the migration, including customers, orders, and back-end systems. Customization of the theme and integration of third-party tools were carried out while maintaining the SEO value of the old website.


After migration, the client saw a 52% increase in orders, a 4.5% increase in cart conversions, and a 25% increase in top-line revenue. Front Row mitigated most, if not all challenges that cropped up and had record sales just in time for the holiday season.


This client sought Front Row's help to expand market presence and boost sales. Despite quality products, they faced a significant challenge in penetrating new markets and reaching a wider audience due to intense competition and rapidly changing consumer preferences within the fashion industry.


We customized a chic flow template for the client: clear call-to-action, personalized copy, and color themes, with desktop and mobile optimization. Our email strategy included welcome, browse/abandonment, and post-purchase flows for brand introduction, re-engagement, and loyalty building.


The client is thrilled with their freshly tailored strategies and campaigns, igniting excitement among subscribers and driving purchases!

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