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Hive Digital, Inc.

Hive Digital, Inc.

Digital Marketing for a Better World

Holly Springs, North Carolina, United States



Hive Digital is a leading provider of professional and high quality digital marketing services and products for clientele that provide positive value for their customers and website visitors. We utilize empirically proven and effective digital marketing techniques to help our clients identify and achieve greater exposure online through the highest quality consultation, implementation, management, and support services for paid advertising, search optimization, website analytics, and social media marketing strategies.


Race Winning Brands needed assistance revamping and launching several new websites.


-Perform a high level, technical SEO audit of each website during development -Recommendations were made based on priority and estimated impact on traffic -Implemented SEO recommendations during development -Refresh content and copy across the site using data gathered from competitive analysis


-For the client's main website, organic traffic has jumped from 11,920 monthly visits to 21,804 monthly visits -Keyword coverage increased from 18,646 keywords to 25,733 keywords


-Optimize conversion performance for long-standing Google Ads account


-Account Audit -Analytics Tracking set-up -Campaign Restructure -Market Expansion -Budget Reallocation -Ad Schedule Optimized -Ad Extensions -Language Targeting


-Decrease in impressions, but a large increase in the quality of clicks -163% increase in rate at which ads were clicked -21% decrease in average cost per click YoY -310% increase in conversions -279% increase in rate at which clicks converted to leads -30% decrease in Lost Impression Share


-Improve organic search results -Increase quailed traffic -Enhance keyword coverage -Increase sales


-Perform a high level, technical SEO audit -Implement SEO recommendations -Improve the internal linking structure -Provide offsite link development -Refresh existing product descriptions


-Monthly traffic spiked (1,600 visits/month to 19,000 visits/month) -Improved keyword coverage: 153 keywords in the top 3 positions, 380 keywords in the 4-10 position) improved to 955 keywords in the top 3 positions, and 1,589 keywords in the top 4-10 positions) -469% increase in Revenue

  • $2,500 +
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