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Human Element

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At its core, Human Element was built on the belief that people matter – and it is reflected in everything we do. Our company was started in 2004 by managing partners Jason Magee and Ben Lorenz because they wanted to be a part of a company that valued human connection with a strong foundation in what they know best: software development and consulting. Fast forward nearly 20 years and the Human Element of today has grown to something bigger and more successful than we could have hoped. 

Turning site visits into purchases and new users into returning customers, our team of commerce pros will elevate your brand to the next level of eCommerce through impactful architectures that convert. Our expertise, rooted in technology, spans custom website development, digital marketing, user experience design, and eCommerce strategy.

With more than 35 Adobe certifications on staff, Human Element is an Adobe Bronze Solution Partner and certified partner of BigCommerce and Shopify. With a focus on human-centered design, the company continues to prove its status as a premier service provider in the ever-changing digital commerce industry.


Human Element is a seven-time recipient of the FastTrack award from Ann Arbor SPARK, as well as the Inc 5000 designation for four years running, in recognition of consistent year-over-year growth.

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NoIR Insight came to us for help upgrading their eCommerce platform and improving site functionality. They were managing two different websites for two different audiences, which was inefficient. They needed to build an experience that made customers feel confident about their product selection.


We combined the two sites into one, upgraded their Magento instance, and built an interactive tool that allowed customers to order products without having to call customer service for assistance. Services provided included strategic consulting, technical SEO, UX/UI design, and the platform upgrade.


65% increase in average time consumers spend on the site 37% increase in pages per session 68% increase in conversion rate


This case study is the story of a long collaborative relationship between Human Element and Gem Shopping Network over the course of 5+ years. Along with several eCommerce platform upgrades, we've designed and built features that focus on improving the customer experience.


In addition to Magento and Adobe Commerce platform upgrades, the following services were provided: SEO, UX/UI design, strategy, digital marketing, PPC, ERP integration, and more. Read the full story here:


Results include a 140% increase in users, 21% increase in sessions, and a 19% increase in engagement rate.

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