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Lucid Advertising

Lucid Advertising

Your success is the award we're chasing.

Pensacola, Florida, United States

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President Mike Morse had a vision when he set up shop in 2006: help local clients create advertising campaigns that increased brand worth. Lucid Advertising quickly expanded with a national footprint to a full service traditional and digital marketing agency. With more than 15 years behind us, we have the experience to know what works. At Lucid Advertising, our focus is always on the solution to the marketing problems you face and getting you maximum Return on Investment.

Lucid Advertising is a multi-year winner of one of the most prestigious awards in the advertising industry, the Addy Award. Our clients span the country in industries ranging from landscaping to healthcare and all areas in between. We represent businesses across the spectrum - established to start-up – marketing veterans to newbies. At Lucid Advertising, your story becomes our story. We help you be you.

When you partner with Lucid, not only will you know you can rely on us to implement a customized marketing plan specific to your industry and business, but also you will know we track results and report those results to you monthly. We pride ourselves on our detailed reporting calls with each client so there is never any doubt that your Return on Investment is protected. Increasing your sales is our bottom line.

Ready to grow your business? Then you are ready to #justbelucid

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