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The Same Services With A Unique POV

At, we’re focused on conducting comprehensive digital due diligence. We drive organic traffic through in-depth data exploration.

The Deming Cycle mentioned earlier helps to create a process that works seamlessly for all the services we offer. However, the process itself is only one of many elements that enable our clients to achieve substantial growth and maximize return on investment (ROI) through SEO.

Along with the PDCA methodology, we use data science and cutting-edge technology, including industry-specific third-party tools and our own internally developed solutions, to maximize results.

What truly sets apart is our approach to tailoring services and resource allocation to the exact needs of the project at hand.


The Search Engine Optimisation process we developed, relies heavily on data we collect from the industry go-to tools like Ahrefs, Sitebulb or Google Search Console. The data analysis is performed in part by our proprietary machine learning tools and in part by our seasoned human specialists.

We pride ourselves on the transparency, specificity, and tactical nature of our SEO audits and strategies.


Content, alongside technical SEO and link building, is one of the three most crucial Google ranking factors. However, SEO goes beyond mere content creation; it encompasses understanding user intent, ensuring comprehensive topic coverage and optimizing to align with Google’s best practices.

At, we deliver meticulously researched content in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Arabic and other languages.


Partnering with our sister-brand, Husky Hamster, we consistently deliver the highest-quality backlinks in the industry. With over 15 years of experience in the SEO landscape, we’ve developed an uncompromising QA process that sets us apart from other agencies.


Our consultations are straightforward and zero in on the core issues at hand. Every consulting engagement begins with a thorough analysis of the client’s needs.

This assessment is crucial to determining whether the project calls for a sustained partnership or is suited for targeted consultations. Unlike some agencies that prioritize long-term engagements, we always recommend what’s best for the clients. If a consultation is the most appropriate route, we’ll recommend it accordingly.

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Successful migration to a new website Partnering with client's web developers to ensure a seamless and optimized migration to Shopify. Increase revenue by at least 30% Focusing on strategies that improve overall sales and profitability. Outrank competition Achieve 50 keywords in the TOP 3


Expertise and Services Delivered Technical optimizations and migration Ensuring SEO-friendly migration to the new Shopify platform, confirmed with two post-migration audits. Quality link building Implementing link building strategy focused on developing the client's authority within the niche.


Results after the implementation of our strategy: 366.67% increase in unique users, from 3,000 to over 11,000 unique visitors every month. 366 additional keywords landing the client in the TOP 3 positions. +2,200 backlinks generated with links built from over 140 new referring domains.


#1: Build site’s Authority We developed the client's authority to match their competitors in the AI app market. #2: Grow Visibility and traffic Achieve and maintain high search engine rankings and increase website traffic with link building. #3: Optimize Site Architecture


#1: No Established Brand The site was recently launched (new domain) and had not yet established its digital footprint. #2: Highly Competitive Market The client operates in a highly competitive niche saturated with countless AI tools. #3: Authority Gap There was an enormous authority gap.


A 454% month-on-month surge in overall site visibility, with daily traffic booming from around 500 to over 4,500 visits. Between March and April alone, there was a 516% increase in impressions, jumping from about 25,000 to over 170,000.


"Objective #1: Restore the client's website traffic to previous state. Objective #2: Avoid the potential 40% revenue loss (over $1 MILLION). Objective #3: Develop a summer homework plan for sustained growth. Objective #4: Achieve a 30% YoY traffic increase for the 2023 tax season."


"Deep Analysis: Conducted a thorough analysis of performance losses. Strategy: Devised keyword, content plans, and a quality-focused link-building strategy. Execution: Implemented significant site-wide optimizations and maintained content schedule during summer."


"+124% organic visitors growth from 553,759 to 1,242,894 YoY. +119% organic sessions increase from 712,205 to 1,562,491 YoY. +128% overall impressions growth from 12.5M to 28.6M YoY. +233% growth in Google Search Console clicks from 583k to 1.36M."

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