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North County Digital

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North County Digital was founded in 2017 in Encinitas, Ca by Evan Larkin, a seasoned marketing professional who has called North County San Diego home for over 14 years.

The mission was clear, to create a results driven, strategic, transparent, and systematic approach to digital marketing that results in a synergy where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 

There is no magical secret to effective digital marketing. It’s based on data, research, creativity, learning from experiments, and putting in the work. This straightforward and transparent approach has helped North County Digital and their clients build a partnership of mutual success.

We specialize in growing local business, as well as law firms, and accounting firms. Our approach to digital marketing includes multiple services such as: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads & PPC Management, Facebook & Instagram Marketing, Review Generation, Business Listings Management, Email Marketing, Website Design, E-commerce Optimization, and more.

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United States의 North County Digital 에이전시는 SEO와 디지털 마케팅으로 Molly Zagar Floral Design Co.의 비즈니스 성장에 기여했습니다
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average rating based on Google reviews
Molly Zageron
Feb 2, 2024

Evan was such a pleasure to work with. He took the time to educate me on the process of SEO and digital marketing and tailored a custom proposal that worked with my needs and budget. I also was pleasantly surprised at the turn around time of my project. He improved my site into a beautiful and productive platform and I've seen already so much more traffic since he revamped my site. I've been recommending him to all my entrepreneurial friends! Can't wait to see how my site keeps working. Thanks Evan!

Kristin Strandon
Jan 26, 2024

Evan at North County Digital helped me level up my small business from side hustle to full-time. When we started working together, I had the basics of a website that wasn’t very intuitive or user friendly. Evan not only handled SEO and the backend side of things, he also advised me on how to update the structure of my website to guide users to where I want them to go. He transformed all pages, implemented clear calls to action and even helped advise me on how to streamline my services. He has a great personality and I appreciate him gently pushing back when I would get in my own way (I tend to prioritize form over function). I couldn’t be happier with the result and have already seen an uptick in inquiries. I recommend North County Digital to anyone I know with a small business!

Irene Pyunon
Feb 2, 2024

Love this agency! Owner, Evan was incredible to work with on our brand new website. Super knowledgable in the work and made the entire process so easy. Highly recommend if you're a new business or just need some help!

Evan Larkinon
Feb 1, 2024

Great results and transparent work! Built a fantastic website! From SEO services, to Google Ads, and Google Business Profile optimization, to overall Digital Marketing best practices, North County Digital is exceptional!

Farm Fresh Meals Customer Serviceon
Dec 14, 2023

From Search Engine Optimization, to Google Business Profile Optimization, Listings Management, and Google Ads, North County Digital is the top Digital Marketing Agency in Encinitas!

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