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PureSEM is a digital marketing software and services company focused on maximizing the marketing-generated sales pipeline for fast-growing B2B companies.

Sales-driven B2B companies typically underinvest in marketing because they can’t accurately measure marketing impact on the sales pipeline and lack the skills to optimize marketing spend.

Our mission is to maximize marketing budget impact on sales pipeline using data and experience-driven content strategies, full-funnel tracking and budget rebalancing based on share of voice and pipeline impact.

Challenges we address:

1) Revenue is primarily sales-driven and leadership is unsure how to scale profitably through marketing 

2) Over-reliance or underperformance in paid media causing an overall high cost per opportunity from marketing

3) Inability to maximize organic traffic 

4) Sub-optimal allocation of marketing and sales budgets

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  • 의뢰 비용
  • $2,500 +
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  • Canada
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  • United Kingdom
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