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Resonating Brands

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  • WORDPRESS: We have high level skills in WordPress design and development. We specialize in making fast and responsive WordPress websites for our clients.
  • SEO: We love on-page SEO as well as technical SEO. Core Web Vitals and Mobile are of primary concern to us to make sure our clients' customers have a good experience when visiting their website. We follow the TAYA framework by creating content that is useful to your target audience.

About Resonating Brands:

  • We only work with clients that are dedicated and transparent with us, in return you get our best effort at a fair price.
  • Our primary goal is to help make you successful and grow your business.
  • We only hire and work with the best SEO & marketing professionals we can find to ensure your success.
  • We are kind & compassionate in our interactions with each other, our vendors and our clients. We refuse to accept rude, unethical, or mean behavior from anyone.
  • We are experienced and passionate about the art of SEO, constantly learning how to improve and be better at our craft.


Increase viable lead flow for agile digital agency to double sales in one year


Convert website to WordPress, Add Meta Tags, Optimize Content, Add Team Bios, Use On Page SEO techniques to increase visibility on high-performing select keywords. Mix PPC and organic to get desired results.


Company grow from 150K RR per month to 300K RR per month in just over a year!


This project was to audit the client's website and find a way to improve organic rankings for the top keywords in their industry. Rankings had dropped significantly over the past 18 months and the client was down 40% in lead generation.


Scope of work included: 1. Implementing over 300 technical SEO fixes as indicated in SEMRush Audit 2. Improving site speed on mobile by 70% 3. Using our high converting messaging framework on key pages


After several months of work we were able to realize the following successes: 1. Desktop site speed was 60/100 now is 99/100 2. Mobile site speed was 30/100 now is 75/100 3. Client now has 25+ of highly desired keywords in the top 3 in SERP

  • $2,500 - 5,000
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