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Portland, Oregon, United States

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Scott Hendison is an accomplished digital marketing professional with over two decades of experience in search engine optimization (SEO). He possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all facets of SEO, encompassing e-commerce, local search, and an extensive range of industries, serving both B2B and B2C clients.

Throughout his career, Scott has consistently demonstrated his proficiency and leadership in the digital marketing industry. As a founding member of SEMpdx, a nonprofit organization based in Portland, Oregon, he played a pivotal role in organizing and hosting monthly educational events and an annual conference, formerly known as SearchFest and now known as Engage.

His dedication and contributions to the local marketing community have been instrumental in fostering knowledge sharing and professional growth.

With a strong track record of success, Scott has collaborated with numerous clients, assisting them in enhancing their online visibility and driving significant improvements in their search engine rankings. His strategic approach and meticulous attention to detail have proven invaluable in achieving measurable results for businesses of various sizes.

As a respected industry professional, Scott regularly attends Pubcon, a leading digital marketing conference, and has been a sought-after speaker since 2007, sharing his insights and expertise with fellow attendees.

By partnering with Scott, you gain access to a seasoned professional who can provide customized and effective digital marketing solutions. His extensive experience and proven track record make him an invaluable asset to any organization seeking to strengthen its online presence and achieve its marketing goals.

Visit his pricing page to learn more about his services and schedule an introductory call to explore how Scott can add value to your marketing efforts and drive your business forward in the digital landscape.

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