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Especially for SEO, there’s a common belief that you just optimize every page, build lots of links, do lots of busy work. For those who have that opinion, we challenge you to consider how much success you’ve had with SEO?

In the time other marketers might spend optimizing low opportunity pages by the dozen, we might focus on one or two pages – that are directly tied to revenue and/or leads. We do extensive research, we make sure our work puts you ahead of the competition, and focus on the most impact possible.

At Transistor, a search marketing agency, we provide predictive search strategies to help digital-first organizations amplify their customer acquisition strategy. Our net results are consistently better than what clients have seen elsewhere.

About our ideal clients:

Clear Direction:

Our clients have a clear identity, place in market and marketing strategy. We amplify their internal marketing strategy and adapt it for search.

Digital First:

Our clients earn and recognize most to all of their revenue via their website.

Best, Not Biggest:

Our clients are rarely the market leader by size but generally offer a premium product/service.

We specialize in helping companies in the following areas:

  • B2B E-Commerce
  • B2C E-Commerce
  • SaaS


The $1.3 billion cloud computing client faced substantial challenges in their highly competitive market. Struggles with evolving products, fragmented global SEO efforts, & stagnant organic traffic and lead generation.


We devised a global strategy established consistent focus, optimizations, and targeting on a worldwide scale. Our approach encompassed the optimization spanning product pages, glossary pages, blogs, technical documents, and more. We also executed forward-looking technical SEO projects.


We achieved a remarkable growth of over 10% in the overall organic traffic to the website, accompanied by a staggering increase of more than 100% in topics that were a primary focus of our SEO efforts. Our team also accomplished a 17% increase in organic leads


A B2B food industry leader aimed to unite its disjointed brands into one cohesive website. Our team supported the technical transition/migration to the new site as well as managed all PPC efforts needed to grow the brand's digital presence.


Our team formulated an SEO & PPC strategy to transition from 5 websites to a single domain. We provided technical & content SEO support during the consolidation process and supported the client's first-ever ecommerce site. We took a proactive stance in our PPC campaigns, focusing on optimization.


Revenue soaring by an impressive 600-1,000% across all brands due to SEO & PPC support. This incredible surge in revenue signifies a significant milestone, as it marks the first time in history that all brands were profitable online.


This B2B accounting software client needed to improve their online footprint and brand visibility to increase revenue. The site had growing organic traffic but progress was lacking and conversions were poor. Major issues included a complex market, internal cannibalization and poor content.


Conducted in-depth competitor research and market-specific terminology analysis. Developed prospect-centric solutions pages. Implemented a phased approach to combat cannibalization through redirects, canonicalization, and refined targeting. Guided the creation of SEO-driven, long-form content.


90%+ Increase in Organic Traffic 100% Increase in Organic Leads Year Over Year 20% Increase in Market Visibility

  • $2,500 +
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