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Want ​better ​results ​from ​your ​website? ​Would ​you ​like ​more ​site ​visitors ​and ​better ​quality ​leads? Web Ninja Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will help you position your website properly, giving your site a better chance of being ‘found’ at the most critical points in the buying process or when people need to research your products. Having worked with countless 3rd Party SEO companies in the past with varying results, we feel we are best equipped to research and develop the best improvements month on month to our own customers.
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  • $0 - 1,000
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  • Australia
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Heather Derbyshireon
Mar 20, 2023

Jacob was always proactive and helpful in assisting, investigating, and resolving issues – even if outside of his purview. His quick results and diligence ensured a smooth transition of our systems and alleviated any stress. He is always at hand to answer any queries and is patient whilst teaching or explaining the system to novice users. Highly recommend Web Ninja.

John Holmeson
Nov 18, 2022

Big thanks to Jacob from Webninja for getting our new Website up and going. We had a vision for the site and Jacob delivered everything we hoped for. He communicated every detail along the way , was always available and clearly explained everything. Great job Jacob and Webninja, we're really happy with the result.

Cuddle Buddyon
Nov 11, 2022

Darren and the team were brilliant to deal with. The process of connecting our Shopify stores with MYOB was seamless and we were afforded as much help as we needed. Thanks guys!

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