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WP Tangerine

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WP Tangerine provides monthly WordPress support, development, and design services, which means that they are able to manage sites and complete tasks and fixes on any platform-based issues their clients might experience.

The services offered across the three plans found at WP Tangerine vary in a few ways. For example, each plan allows support for a fixed number of sites. With the Basic plan, you can expect them to handle tasks for one website. Subscribers who opt for the Pro plan will be able to have tasks completed on three websites. Finally, with the Pro Plus plan, you can get support for a total of six sites from the crew at WP Tangerine.

All plans include turnaround in one business day as well as theme, plugin and core software updates, 24/7 unlimited requests, uptime monitoring, site backups, and restorations. Because so many eCommerce sellers choose to power their stores with WooCommerce, support for this popular plugin is offered with all plans as well.

Both the Basic and Pro plans see each WordPress task being worked on for up to one hour in a business day with tasks being done chronologically rather than at the same time. As an added incentive to sign up for the Pro Plus plan, subscribers can expect to receive two hours per business day allocated to tasks rather than the one hour that’s allotted with the two lower-level plans. In addition, website builds and redesigns are also offered to subscribers who choose this plan.

While the mid and higher-end plans both include unlimited Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop graphic design tasks and priority emergency care, your choice will depend largely on how many sites you need to be supported and how much attention you anticipate needing to be given to those sites during any given day. So, it is a positive that the firm has options to cover a wide range of WordPress users.

WP Tangerine does offer subscribers a lot in the way of support and maintenance services, but there are a few things that they don’t provide. For example, they don’t offer hosting, but they can provide the service through their partnership with WP Engine. They don’t manage social accounts linked to the WordPress sites that they handle and they categorically will not code a website from the ground up. Finally, they won’t register your domain name, so be sure to have one ordered if you go with this firm.

  • $1,000 - 2,500
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