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Zupo is a SEO consulting agency helping construct powerful long term SEO strategies for our clients. We develop close relationships with our clients to leverage their industry experience with our own intimate knowledge of the search landscape to create truly competitive SEO strategies.

Our SEO capabilities encompass various vital areas:

SEO: Achieve top rankings on Google through our market-driven SEO consulting approach, which identifies the best opportunities for your business.

Digital PR Marketing: Access cutting-edge PR services that secure articles in leading industry publications. Our unique model ensures you only pay when we successfully get you published.

Keyword Research: Make informed decisions by selecting the right keywords that will drive success in your SEO campaign, saving time, resources, and money.

On-Site SEO: Optimize your website with the correct keywords and content, ensuring Google understands which pages to rank for maximum visibility.

Off-Site SEO: Build essential backlinks to boost your SEO rankings. Our team at Zupo helps acquire high-quality links that drive traffic back to your site.

Technical SEO: Enhance your site's performance and ranking by ensuring it remains easily crawlable, fast, and user-friendly. We conduct thorough audits to optimize technical aspects.



This client is a $25 Million Product Lifecycle Engineering Firm and Gold Partner of Siemens and ask Zupo to come in to help expand their presence beyond just their reputation. They wanted presence on search.


This improvement has been powered by a focus on the On Site SEO strategy for the site in order to be better target key keywords. So far Zupo has been able to lift all of the different business units for the company and has helped make web a major portion of the company's sales pipeline.


To date this client has seen: - 97% Increase in Organic Traffic to Date - 203 Keywords on the 1st Page of Google (160+ Keyword Improvement) - 105% Increase in Conversions - 2X Increase in Referring Domains


Vincit came to Zupo as they were in the initial stages of their US launch. Vincit had set up their US headquarters in California and wanted to start building their presence in the US search market.


Zupo helped Vincit 1st rank for its local opportunities and ultimately then moved on to more national keywords. Taking advantage of Vincit's global recognition in workplace culture and their technical expertise, Zupo has been able to secure over 50 thought leadership articles and features


To date Vincit has seen: - 250% Increase in Organic Traffic to Date - 7 Keyword Groups on the 1st Page (145 Keywords) - 8X Increase in Referring Domains - 4 Site Acquisitions and Migrations Completed


Sparkhouse relied heavily on the company’s own network and wanted to not only grow their leads, but also protect themselves from not truly owning leads when it came to agency partnerships.


Zupo helped lead the video agency from a non existent search player, into the number one ranking video production studio in Orange County. Zupo was also able to help Sparkhouse acquire recurring contributorship roles with well known sites like Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Single Grain, and Hubspot


Total Sales Doubled in 2021 📈 Despite the COVID Lockdown and inability to meet in person, Sparkhouse was still able to double its sales in 2021 through the help of increased effort on Digital PR and nationalized keywords to help drive more traffic.

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United States의 Zupo 에이전시는 SEO와 디지털 마케팅으로 Vincit의 비즈니스 성장에 기여했습니다
United States의 Zupo 에이전시는 SEO와 디지털 마케팅으로 Sparkhouse의 비즈니스 성장에 기여했습니다
United States의 Zupo 에이전시는 SEO와 디지털 마케팅으로 Dynabook의 비즈니스 성장에 기여했습니다
United States의 Zupo 에이전시는 SEO와 디지털 마케팅으로 Revive의 비즈니스 성장에 기여했습니다
United States의 Zupo 에이전시는 SEO와 디지털 마케팅으로 EBM의 비즈니스 성장에 기여했습니다
United States의 Zupo 에이전시는 SEO와 디지털 마케팅으로 Tevora의 비즈니스 성장에 기여했습니다
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United States의 Zupo 에이전시는 US Search Awards 2022 Finalist 수상 경력이 있습니다
United States의 Zupo 에이전시는 American Advertising Federation Bronze Advertising Award 수상 경력이 있습니다
United States의 Zupo 에이전시는 American Advertising Federation Silver Advertising Award 수상 경력이 있습니다
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