Integration with Whatagraph: Easy SEO Reporting to Move Closer to Your Goals

December 28, 2022image

Semrush is delighted to announce a new integration with Whatagraph, an easy-to-use reporting tool for agencies and in-house marketers.


Whatagraph significantly streamlines reporting and allows users to pull data directly from over 40 sources, including Google, Amazon, and Salesforce.

And now you can incorporate your Semrush data too.

Leverage Semrush’s SEO Reports

For Whatagraph users, the Semrush integration enriches your weekly or monthly reports, allowing you to include key SEO metrics that are not available in Google’s data tools.

Specifically, users can pull SEO data from two areas of Semrush:

  • Link Building. The Backlink Analytics report enables you to track your backlinks and review those of your competitors, allowing you to spot potentially valuable opportunities.
  • Position Tracking. The Position Tracking tool allows you to monitor search rankings and identify how visible your pages are for your target keywords (in multiple locations).

These metrics help you understand how your (or your client’s) website is performing in search, how your organic strategy is performing, and whether it’s attracting and engaging new customers.

How Else Can the Integration Help?

Position Tracking provides rankings data on a national, regional, and local level, allowing you to report on search performance within specific regions, cities, or even ZIP codes. This provides the perfect opportunity to pitch your services to local clients and small local brands.

As mentioned, you can also pull key data on competitors, allowing you to gain key insights into their rankings and backlinks. This is particularly useful for agencies, as it enables you to identify and pitch potential growth opportunities to your prospective clients.

Getting Started

To set up the integration, you will need to create a Whatagraph account and then follow the instructions given.

For existing Whatagraph users who do not have a Semrush account, you can create one here.


Note that when using Whatagraph, the data limits of your Semrush subscription still apply. For instance, if you are using a free Semrush account, you will only be able to track 10 keywords in Position Tracking.

Learn more about Semrush’s pricing plans—including our free trial—here.

About Semrush

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