An Easier Way To Work: Shared Limits Now Available

September 21, 2022image

Following extensive feedback from users, corporate account limits can now be distributed across entire teams rather than just allocated individually.


This new feature gives teams the freedom to use Semrush more efficiently, and it enables account owners to be more flexible when managing their accounts.

How Does It Work?

Previously, corporate account owners could only assign limits to users individually. As well as proving a time-consuming task for account owners, this process resulted in users being constrained by the limits assigned to them.

Now, though, account owners can opt to share their overall number of limits with everyone in their team.


For example, your account has four users and your subscription allows you to track 500 keywords per day. Instead of limiting each user to, say, 125 keywords, you can now share those 500 keywords across the board.

As a result, if one user exceeds 125 keywords, they no longer have to ask for more. This improves efficiency and effectiveness for both the user and the account owner, who doesn’t have to worry about hindering their team’s progress.

You can learn more about how Semrush limit distribution and management works here.

Can Limits Still Be Allocated Individually?

Of course. If required, account owners can still choose to retain control over limit distribution.

When you add new users to your account, shared limits are applied by default. To switch back, click on the Settings button in the User Management dashboard and select “Individual limits.”


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What Is a Corporate Account?

Corporate accounts are defined as any account with multiple users. They are managed by an account owner, who can also assign administrators with management privileges. Corporate accounts can be created for any Semrush subscription level (Pro, Guru, or Business).

You can learn more about Semrush corporate accounts here.

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