TrendFeed: Discover Game-Changing Industry Trends Before They Hit the News

November 30, 2022image

Semrush is delighted to announce a new app in its App Center: TrendFeed.


What Is TrendFeed?

TrendFeed is a content discovery app that unwraps trending and shareable industry news from across the web.

This can give you a much-needed competitive edge and help you make smarter and more informed decisions for your business and marketing strategy. 

With access to 200+ custom topic feeds that span various industries—including health care, finance, energy, retail, marketing, and tech—you can detect the most trailblazing and ground-breaking trends that no one else knows about yet!


Make the Most of the TrendFeed App

Whether you’re a business/agency owner or a content marketer, PR, sales, or marketing pro, use TrendFeed to leverage access to the most recent and relevant intel for your industry. 

With this knowledge, you can:

  • Create a more relevant and fitting content, marketing, or PR strategy with access to up-and-coming industry trends
  • Act as a source of industry intel and curate and share the most valuable and influential news with your employees, clients, and customers
  • Provide smarter leadership and business decisions with a unique knowledge of all potential disruptions

Explore the most trending content across your industry and be the first to spot and embrace all the emerging industry shifts!

Discover trends before they go mainstreamGet a free trial and explore the tool

About Semrush

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