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At CadenceSEO we realize that the marketing of your brand is what makes or breaks a company. Our mission is to learn the ins and outs of your brand so that we can bring your brand to life through SEO and other Digital Marketing Channels.

When we start a relationship with a client our goal is to become an extension of your marketing team by filling gaps that may exist when it comes to digital marketing. Whether it is SEO, content marketing, PPC, Social Ads, or web development we have the skillsets to take those issues off your plate.

Along with bringing the skillset, we view each engagement as a relationship where we want to learn and grow with your company. We lean on you for the knowledge in your industry and verticle and we will teach you everything we know about digital marketing and SEO.

Services that we offer:

  • SEO- Including on-page, off-page, content strategy, content development, technical SEO, authority development and reporting
  • PPC Service- Google Adwords, Paid Social, and
  • Web Design/Development Assitance
  • Content Strategy and Development

A couple of CadenceSEO talking points.

  • No Long-Term Commitments: We do not believe in being locked down in long-term commitment so we operate essentially on a month-to-month basis.
  • Direct Communication to the SMEs: Our team of experts is not shy and loves hopping on calls to discuss matters. You will have a main point of contact but its not uncommon to have a few other members of our team on calls to iron out details.
  • Constant communication: If we don't know what's going on internally then we don't know how to best serve you. We require at minimum bi-weekly calls to ensure that we are constantly connecting. Along with that we use email, slack and text for communication.


The client had been growing drastically through acquisition and other means but struggling to gain traction organically. With the need to migrate other websites that were acquired into theirs along with fixing the technical issues that were holding them back. Keyword set is also difficult.


Come up with a highly technical strategy to move websites over and in some cases keep the old site live. Fixing technical issues on the main site to ensure that the search engines understand what is going on and create a technical content strategy to create brand awareness and rankings.


The client has seen a drastic increase in rankings since engagement began showing a 918% growth in keywords. The higher visibility has resulted in an enormous 756% increase in traffic and conversions.


Website challenges galore with a custom-built WordPress instance that was very unstable and broke at every turn. Along with website challenges, the client was struggling to increase rankings against a very staunch competitive landscape.


From the beginning, we began technical cleanup on their site along with in-depth SEO tactics to begin the climb up the rankings. The website was made technically stable and through authority development, technical SEO, and content strategy and optimization, we created a ranking machine.


Throughout our relationship, the client has seen a 315% increase in organic clicks through Google and a 641% increase in keyword rankings which includes outranking their top competitors for their targeted keyword set in most keywords.

  • $1,000 +
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