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Cardinal Digital Marketing

Cardinal Digital Marketing

Break Through Your Growth Plateau

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At Cardinal, we’re not just results-oriented: we’re positively results-obsessed. Scaling from a 2-person SEO company to a 60+ person healthcare performance marketing agency, we know how to ignite true business growth for multi-location healthcare groups with proven growth tactics, data-driven strategies, and tenacity that’s hard to find elsewhere.

We’ll start by saying that our work isn’t about us. Not really, anyway. It’s about you: the healthcare heroes committed to saving and improving lives, one patient at a time. 

At Cardinal Marketing, we believe wholeheartedly in the power of high-quality healthcare. That’s why we put our heart and soul into helping multi-location healthcare organizations scale. We give our 110% because we believe in the businesses we work with. 

When you work with Cardinal, you won’t have to wait days—or worse, weeks—for communication. You’ll always have instant, direct access to your account management team. Most importantly, we’re proactive, meaning we anticipate hurdles, head off problems, and never rest on our laurels.

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Todd Weekson
Feb 28, 2024

The Cardinal team does a phenomenal job in driving results and great outcomes for their clients. What drives them everyday is connecting patients to great care. You will not find a more caring and committed marketing partner to help you grow your practice than Cardinal Digital Marketing.

Wilson Henryon
Feb 29, 2024

The team at Cardinal are top marketing experts in their fields. Their recommendations were well thought out and utilized the most cutting-edge and advanced strategies in online marketing. Great communicators and fun to work with as well!

Heidi Shullon
Mar 1, 2024

Working with Alex and the Cardinal team, they are extreme professionals and show the highest level of respect and commitment to their customers and the work they do for them. I highly recommend Cardinal as a partner!

Charlie Winnon
Mar 6, 2023

Cardinal does a lot of things well but what's most important is they actually drive new patient appointments and revenue growth for clients. Their approach is transparent, data-driven, and always evolving to improve. You just feel a commitment to excellence working with them and it is a real pleasure!

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