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TC trade market

TC trade market

A Leveraged Tax Strategy for your clients

United States




You can check out this audio real quick:

To obtain this deduction, your tax client contributes and becomes a member of a series LLC with a 4 to 1 deduction available. 

   Please look at our website using the password par2023   

It is a 4 to 1 deduction compared to their original contribution to the series LLC to become a member, suitable for any amount up to 30 percent of their adjusted gross income. So they end up with net tax savings and the bonus that they have helped a non-profit charity in the process. 


This Google Drive link contains a simple presentation, strategy summary, tax opinion letter, appraisal, commercialization efforts, and more.

After you complete your review, when you wish to enroll any of your clients who fit this strategy, you can use this PARTNER INTAKE FORM link

I am available to discuss this when you book an appointment here

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